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AQSACOM™ is active in many initiatives to bring Lawful Interception, Data Retention, and other secure carrier-based operations to virtualized network environments.  For example, AQSACOM™ has formal representation on the ETSI NFV SEC working group, which aims to address the myriads of issues on secure networking for NFV networks.

Further reading about NFV:

For an overview of standardization efforts and industry practices behind NFV:
In 2012, several of the world’s leading telecommunications network operators selected ETSI to be the home of the Industry Standards Group (ISG) for NFV. The membership now consists of over 290 companies that continue to develop NFV standards while sharing NFV implementation and testing experiences. The 2015 NFV Activity Report and the full list of NFV members and Participants are available on the ETSI NFV Portal.

RCR Wireless News has been providing wireless and mobile industry news, insights, and analysis to mobile and wireless industry professionals, decision makers, policy makers, analyst, and investors since 1982. The site provides a variety of, among a host of topics, NFV webinars, podcasts, and publications.

Another overview of NFV:

Virtuapedia consists of two main components: a comprehensive set of unique and searchable databases covering the entire virtualization ecosystem; and a series of indexes that track CSP progress in deploying virtualization developed with direct input from the world’s leading CSPs.

Light Reading is a multi-dimensional online information resource that focuses on networking in the telecommunications industry. NFV topics covered by LightReading include information and articles related to NFV: Elements, Strategies, Specs/Open Source, MANO, Systems Integration, plus Tests and Trials.

The Telco Cloud Ezine Builder ( is a cloud library that allows readers to select personalized areas of interest.   The main content areas, with a variety of subcategories in each, include:

  • Programmable Infrastructure:  NFV, SDN, Cloud
  • Automated Operations:  OSS, Actionable Customer Intelligence
  • New Services: Service Enablement, Applications, and Cloud Enablement as well as IoT.