AQSACOM is a worldwide leader in the design, supply and deployment of Telecommunications Intelligence & Security Solutions. Because each customer is unique, our approach develops security solutions that are customer-centric, ensuring that they meet the customer’s current and future requirements.

Since 1994, AQSACOM has been offering a comprehensive range of solutions for Communication Service Providers and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide. Our solutions are flexible, scalable and fully customizable.

AQSACOM has an extensive portfolio of Communications Services Provider solutions covering:

Lawful Cyber Interception

ALIS is a centralized mediation platform managing Lawful Cyber Interception for voice and data networks, covering PSTN, VoIP, CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, GPRS, LTE, VoLTE, IMS, IP, xDSL, Satellite, E-Mail, and other new communication technologies.


The customer benefits of ALIS include:

Whatever your Security and Intelligence requirements, AQSACOM can help you.

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Geolocation Tracking

Geolocation serves as a critical parameter that is collected by law enforcement during criminal investigations of suspected wireless users.

However, as a network operator’s reach, regarding the offered scope of services and geographic span, grows new challenges for the acquisition of the geolocation data emerge.

The challenges are compounded by the need for network operators to conform to evolving lawful requirements in the tracking of suspects, while assuring that geolocation data is collected in a systematic, secure, and highly transparent manner acceptable to law enforcement. AQSACOM’s Geolocation Enhanced Solution (AGES) addresses these lawful challenges. The AGES® Mediation Platform enables single-point enhanced control of a network operator’s diversity of location servers. This is especially true as wireless carriers evolve their networks which often calls for the simultaneous operation of different types of Gateway Mobile Location Centers (GMLCs and related devices), all likely from different vendors.

AGES enables:

AGES interacts with all major GMLC and similar geolocation server systems on the market, and is compatible with proprietary GMLC protocols as well as with the more established Mobile Location Protocol (MLP).

AGES may be configured as an add-on feature to AQSACOM’s ALIS Lawful Cyber Interception System. This combination provides the delivery of geolocation data along with the warrant-requested interception to law enforcement.

Data Retention

ADRIS – AQSACOM’s Data Retention Intelligent Solution – is a multi-services solution fulfilling legally mandated Data Retention (DR) requirements of all networks (PSTN, GSM, GPRS, 3G, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, VoIP, IP, Satellite, etc.) from a centralized management platform.

As a custom-built platform, ADRIS interfaces with the Communications Services Provider’s (CSPs) network to collect subscriber and traffic information, usage data, equipment status data, and  other relevant information. The network’s data collection points include network entities within the CSPs (network OSS, BSS, CRM, Billing, RADIUS, SMSC, MMSC, DPI probes, etc.) or external collection functions such as network probes (supplied by AQSACOM or third-party vendors).


ADRIS provides a comprehensive analytical and a query framework, enabling search and intelligence extraction within seconds for millions of records.


Being a robust and scalable platform, ADRIS interfaces through a single platform with multiple networks and multiple technologies. It can also interface to third-party network storage systems and analytical platforms for data access and delivery, supporting multiple delivery standards simultaneously.

Public Safety Solution (APSS)

Leveraging Location Data for Emergency Location & Public Alerting

A growing number of public safety organizations across the world are deploying a new type of wireless emergency warning system. This new public safety communications technique, called Reverse 1-1-2, enables authorities to target people in defined geographic locations and rapidly warn them via their mobile phones.


AQSACOM Public Safety Solution (APSS) provides Reverse 1-1-2 to communicate information regarding potential hazards (man-made or natural), through a proprietary geolocalised message-sending technology. APSS allows citizens to evacuate or avoid a danger zone more quickly thereby reducing the chances of casualties.

By utilizing APSS in the  network, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) can work with local, state, and national public safety authorities to prevent, and more effectively respond to critical situations including:


Search and Rescue Emergency Response:

Support immediate action to rescue people from death or injury as a consequence of severe accidents or hazards including actions related to land, sea, and air rescue operations.


Fire Protection:

Protect lives, health, and the environment in the event of fire and explosion, accidents involving hazardous substances, and hazardous goods.


Terrorist Acts:

Send live alerting messages following a terrorist attack, and help to clear specific geographic areas for better emergency & enforcement operations.


Nuclear, Chemical, and Explosive:

Support prevention and management of incidents involving the spread of chemicals that may cause damage to health or damage to the environment and material assets, into the air, water, foods, or soil.

Mobile phone usage enables public authorities to leverage mobile networks for Public Safety at both small and large scales. Emergency situations require management of multi-technical aspects and several capabilities to:


APSS provides Communication Service Providers with a single platform to address regulatory requirements regarding Public Safety and Security.

Two software packages are available:

Our solution is specifically designed for CSP networks providing distinct advantages:

APSS is part of the AQSACOM products family providing the following technical benefits: