About Us

AQSACOM™ is a leader in Cyber Intelligence software solutions for communications service providers (CSPs) and law enforcement agencies (LEAs). For over two decades, the company has been pioneering solutions for lawfully locating, intercepting, monitoring, and analyzing criminal communications and network activity. As a company with a unique, 100% focus on cyber intelligence, AQSACOM™’s mission is to greatly increase LEA success and minimize their level of risk, while providing CSPs cost-effective and operationally efficient solutions that coincide with their network transformation objectives.

Headquartered in Paris, AQSACOM™ has research and development facilities in Dallas, Dubai, and Paris and maintains regional sales and support on every continent to locally serve its customer base. AQSACOM™’s customer-centric platforms are standards-based, following ETSI, CALEA, 3GPP, ATIS, as well as compliance for many national variants. Whether circuit switched, IP-based, fixed, or a mobile network, AQSACOM™ has extensive experience interoperating with a variety of network vendors including Ericsson, BroadSoft, Cisco, GENBAND/Nortel/SONUS, Nokia/Siemens/Alcatel/Lucent, Huawei, and ZTE to name a few.


AQSACOM™ is an ISO 9001 company:

AQSACOM™ continues its official certification under the ISO 9001:2015 program. AQSACOM™’s certification applies to Design, Development and Deployment Of Cyber Intelligent and Legally Mandated Systems for Communications Services Worldwide.

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