Platform Virtualization

AQSACOM™ now delivers ALIS, its Lawful Cyber Interception System, to virtualized network function architectures.

Platform Virtualization Overview

Figure 1 provides an overall summary of the merits of NFV. Of note, are the riding of a diversity of Virtual Network Functions, implemented in software, over virtualized compute, storage, and networking facilities.  These virtualized facilities, in turn, operate upon physical “bare metal” compute, storage, and networking assets owned by one or more infrastructure service providers.  These assets can even be shared.  For example, if one service provider finds that its physical computing facilities are stressed due to excessive loading, another service provider’s underutilized compute facilities could be made available to the first provider.  Asset utilization is improved with this arrangement, reducing costs by eliminating unnecessary capital investment and the resulting operational costs of maintaining underutilized hardware.

As indicated in Figure 1, a wide range of network functions can be shifted to a virtualized environment.  AQSACOM™ considers Lawful Interception (LI) as one of many network functions, now in a new setting.