ALIS- Lawful Cyber Interception

The AQSACOM™ Lawful Cyber Interception System, ALIS, is AQSACOM™'s flagship product and has been described by many as the most flexible Cyber Interception Management System on the market.

vALIS: Bringing lawfully mandated interception capabilities to virtualized networks

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ALIS’ seamless network integration, distributed architecture and centralized management frees the CSPs from managing multiple proprietary network equipment and solutions for lawful cyber interception. At the same time, with ALIS, evolutions within the CSP’s network remain transparent to law enforcement.

The ALIS platform is easy to use and requires minimal operator training, which substantially reduces the direct cost of performing Lawful Cyber Interception tasks.

Collectively, ALIS’ features optimize operational and recurring CSP costs.

Scalability to Broadband Services

Thanks to the ALIS VHP (Very High Performance) architecture, the flexibility, management, and security of the ALIS system can now address Gigabit rate Internet access services and core networks (e.g., those supporting wireless networks). Any broadband data rate is readily accommodated through the simple addition of ALIS mediation platforms to accommodate incremental increases in required lawful cyber interception processing throughputs.

Commercial Airline Passenger Communications Lawful Cyber Interception

The ALIS system has been deployed for commercial airliners offering on-board Wi-Fi and mobile services. This capability enables the interception of passenger communications traffic while conforming to national interception policies, jurisdictional requirements, procedures, and laws anywhere throughout the world. Please contact AQSACOM™ at for more information.