ADRIS - Data Retention

ADRIS – AQSACOM™'s Data Retention Intelligent Solution – is a multi-services solution fulfilling mandated Data Retention (DR) requirements of all networks from a centralized management platform.

ADRIS’ seamless network integration within a multi-vendor and multi-service environment frees CSPs from managing multiple network equipment and solutions. At the same time, ADRIS® scales with the CSP’s network size, bandwidth, and scope of services, hiding the complexity of the data management and analytic processes from the LEA, CSP, and other end users.

The customer benefits of ADRIS include:

  • One point of management for DR to ensure state-of-the-art security and reliability.
  • Solution scalability to ensure cost-efficiency for CSPs.
  • Solution flexibility to adapt to Law Enforcement requirements.
  • Clear pricing and technical strategies based on a transparent and constructive collaboration.

The ADRIS® platform is easy to use and requires minimal operator training, which substantially reduces the direct cost of performing data retention tasks.

ADRIS® is fully compliant with lawful regulations on data retention and conforms with the latest ETSI requirements supporting the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and national requirements.