The Importance of Supporting CALEA

Recently, some blogs and tweets have suggested that people new to working at home should choose conferencing and collaboration services that avoid CALEA compliance – which is totally irresponsible.

CALEA is the US requirement for lawful interception enabled by the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA).  Lawful interception is obtaining communications network data pursuant to lawful authority for the purpose of analysis or evidence.  It is not “mass interception” of communication but rather selective based on legal requirements, often a warrant.  Virtually all countries have lawful interception requirements and standards based on the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).  CALEA compliance for a communication provider, or enabling hardware or software communication supplier, means you have taken the necessary steps for your service or solution to enable lawful interception in the event of law enforcement legally mandated request.

In short, lawful interception helps saves the lives of both law enforcement and the communities they serve.  It is irresponsible to knowingly design communications that subvert these requirements, and it is equally irresponsible for an individual to support such organization.

AQSACOM is a world leader in lawful interception systems, providing software lawful interception solutions for 25 years, and today AQSACOM is the leader in providing lawful interception as a virtual network function.