AQSACOM Unveils Distributed Cyber Intelligence For Multinational Operators To Cost-Effectively Satisfy Multi-Country Jurisdictional Requirements

Paris, France and Dallas, Texas, USA (June 19, 2018) – AQSACOM, a worldwide leader of cyber intelligence software solutions for communication service providers and law enforcement agencies, today announced a distributed approach for managing multinational lawful cyber intelligence compliance that streamlines communication service provider (CSP) operations and reduces costs of deployment when multiple jurisdictions are involved. 

CSPs around the world are expanding their communication networks across multiple countries and regions for top line growth and to satisfy the requirements of multinational customers. While telecom infrastructure suppliers have provided distributed or cloud-based architectures to enable multi-border network expansion, the requisite cyber intelligence solutions have lacked the same kind of architectural flexibility. To date, satisfying the cyber intelligence requirements meant CSPs were forced to deploy end-to-end mediation solutions within each country to ensure lawful interception, geolocation, and data retention legal compliance. 

AQSACOM’s software-based, cyber intelligence solution, ALIS, can provide CSPs with a more efficient, distributed cyber intelligence compliance architecture. With a centrally managed ALIS cyber intelligence mediation system, AQSACOM can deploy a distributed, country-by-country data collection and retention capabilities that are controlled at the network’s operation center. This deployment method satisfies local-country lawful cyber intelligence and GDPR compliance, while enabling a significant reduction in CAPEX and OPEX for the operator as they deliver services across multiple countries. The AQSACOM solution is ideal for CSPs with cloud-based or SaaS communications solutions, as well as those that have deployed hosted communications platforms such as BroadWorks by BroadSoft.

“AQSACOM’s programmable software approach enables a level of flexibility and scalability for cyber intelligence that alternative centralized, platform-based technologies can’t match,” explained Frederick Reynolds, vice president of marketing at AQSACOM. “With our distributed architecture, AQSACOM can help CSPs streamline operations and reduce costs when deploying communications services across multiple countries, while offering the highest level of data protection and preservation.” 

ALIS software can be deployed in a virtual, bare-metal or hybrid environment. It provides a converged interception solution for all voice and data networks including 2G, 3G, 4G, VoLTE, IMS, IP, xDSL, FTTH, eRCS, Cable, PSTN, and satellite services. By deploying centralized mediation and management software at any location, ALIS can remotely connect to a distributed software framework that lawfully collects, mediates, delivers and stores any type of network data for each country allowing law enforcement agencies (LEA) the in-country interfaces necessary to satisfy jurisdictional and legal compliance. This is possible with a purpose-built Jurisdiction Management Engine, that is a capability unique to AQSACOM. Specifically, within a multinational, distributed model, ALIS provides the required control over the access, target provisioning and data delivery to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) accounting for national regulatory requirements in each country. This architecture offers an isolated virtual mediation node dedicated to LEA with an end-to-end data encryption. As a result, the AQSACOM solution ensures full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The distribution of the mediation and delivery function provides the flexibility and scalability according to each country’s requirements. The imbedded security features, LEA management, data segregation, encryption, and isolation provide the best-of-breed data protection, confidentiality, and system access control required for such cyber intelligence software.


Founded in 1994, AQSACOM is a leading provider of programmable cyber intelligence software and services. Leveraging its proprietary, highly scalable Virtual Mediation Engine™, AQSACOM provides a range of legally mandated applications including lawful interception, data retention, and geolocation services. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, AQSACOM’s software is used worldwide by fixed, mobile, and virtual network operators, internet services providers, and law enforcement agencies. The Company’s mission is to be the leading cyber intelligence software developer and greatly improve the probability of law enforcement’s success while minimizing their level of risk. Headquartered in Paris and additional research and development centers in Dallas and Dubai, AQSACOM services a global customer base with sales and service from offices in Europe, US, UAE, Brazil and Australia. For more information about AQSACOM visit